The Checkmaster Leak-Test-System is developed and made in Germany

This Leak-Test-Device enables you to check whether compressor valves are gas tight, no matter if suction, discharge or concentric valves

The Checkmaster leak-test-system is in use worldwide

A test is efficient and gives you a clear result

GS Valves

You can find GS-Valves all over the world successfully operating in most diverse industries, as the oil and gas industry, PET business, marine applications, breweries, gas –storage systems and refrigeration.

Based on the given data and the performance requirements we indivdually develop the valve design to suit the erquirements of our customers.

GS can give qualified technical support based on a decade of experience of finding solutions to field problems.

Modifications or the development of a new valve under consideration of costs and benefit aspects can be provided by GS Compressor Spares


All valves are manufactured according to the OEM – Standard and are suitable for most of the different brands of compressors on board of the vessels

GS Compressor Spares offers an attractive price level and guarantees the full interchangeability of the valve

Having a large stock of spare parts for valves and internals for starting air compressors, we are in the position to react quickly and are flexible on customers requirements

Compressor brands:

  • Sperre
  • Hatlapa
  • Sauer & Sohn
  • Tanabe
  • Cegielski
  • Zwickauer
  • Hamworthy

Valve Assemblies

GS is supplying suction, discharge and concentric valves for any compressor brand operating in the air and process-gas industry

For different requirements we can produce plate, ring type, lamellar or poppet valves.

Depending on the specific application or gas type we use valve plates made out of Stainles Steel, Peek or Nylon.

All our valves are manufactured by experienced workmen with most modern machines and procedures

Valve Spares

We produce valve plates, springs and damper plates made out of Stainless Steel, Peek or Nylon

All our valve plates are manufactured by laser cutting – no punching, risk of cracks can be reduced and enlarge the lifetime of the plates.

The use of polymer plates has several advantages in comparison to regular steel plates.

  • Lower specific weight/reduced impact loads and waerout
  • Heat resistance up to 260 C
  • No fatigue
  • A high tolerance towards liquids, dirt or chemicals