Consulting & Servicing

You can find GS-Valves all over the world successfully operating in most diverse industries, as the oil and gas industry, PET business, marine applications, breweries, gas –storage systems and refrigertion.

GS can give qualified technical support based on a decade of experience of finding solutions to field problems

Modifications or the development of a new valve under consideration of costs and benefit aspects can be provided by GS Compressor Spares

Checking - Leak Testing

The Checkmaster Leak-Test-System is developed and made in Germany

This Leak-Test-Device enables you to check whether compressor valves are gas tight, no matter if suction, discharge or concentric valves.

The Checkmaster leak-test-system is in use worldwide.

A test is efficient and gives you a clear result

Development & Design

Based on the given data and the performance requirements we indivdually develop the valve design to suit the erquirements of our customers

Inspection & Quality

Flexibility and quick deliveries are import strength of our company

We keep large stocks of raw material and finished products.

We provide a quick support and a reliable service for all of our customers needs.

All our products go through a detailed quality check to ensure a constant quality level

We have competent logistic partners to offer deliveries all over the world between 1-3 days

Valve Refurbishment

Valve Refurbishment - Before & after

GS Compressor Spares offers a cost effective valve refurbishment service to give your valve a second life!

Valves do not need to be thrown away, when they do not work properly anymore. With our qualified refurbishment service we guarantee that the overhauled valve will work reliable and satisfying as a new one.

All valve internals are replaced and valve bodies are checked for cracks and overhauled before assembly.

The cost benefits could be up to a 60 % saving on a new valve.

Condition Monitoring

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Its been known for many years the advantages of Condition monitoring machinery.

Reciprocating compressors are seen as a major part of the oils and gas industries and are some of the most critical machinery on a number of large plants (refineries, Chemical plant etc).

Due to the importance of the compressors they are categorised as needing to be overhauled periodically, therefore they have become a major part of most in house preventative maintenance schemes.

We at GSCS have the recourses to carry out the CM practices used in reciprocating machinery diagnoses. Below we have mentioned some of the abilities of our equipment

Qualified CM personnel operate the equipment and our reporting procedures are standard throughout the industry.

The types of detection we use to find faults and problems from reciprocation machinery is a follows:

  1. Piston and piston ring wear and damage from cylinder pressure and generated PV and PT diagrams.
  2. Crosshead shoe and Crosshead pin wear through both Vibration acceleration and Ultrasound detection
  3. Mainframe and Cylinder supports, the internal bolting of frame extensions using vibration displacement
  4. Cylinder stretch and looseness using phased displacement
  5. Valve leaks, mechanical damage and operating efficiency using PV and PT plots to detect losses which are supported by valve vibration and ultrasonic detection methods
  6. Actual HP compared to theoretical HP. To detect if the machine is operating to design specifications
  7. Bearing wear from Oil analysis and phased Vibration velocity and acceleration

The methods and equipment used determining the machinery condition is the very latest technology. It has proven effective throughout the world.